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Idiot newbie question; "back" function
OK let's say you are on a page and there is a link to a series of 50 pictures so you click it and then click your way through the pics. Then you want to go back to the original page but every time you click the back arrow ( explorer 7 ) or right-click and then click "back", it takes you only to the previously view... 14 Dec 2009 16:34
Run Commands
On 13 Dec 2009, <q(a)q.gvtr> lazlow wrote in Small problem. When I run commands such a netstat ot ipconfig a dialog box opens for a split second before closing. That is normal behavior. Any suggestions for keeping the dialog box open so I can read it? Type CMD in the Run As box to open ... 14 Dec 2009 04:26
Can an overheating graphics card crash XP?
My grand-daughter is using an old Evesham desktop PC of mine which is running XP. Some weeks ago it began randomly re-booting and, as a result, crashed completely and refused to restart - probably because it shut down when doing something important! Yesterday I did a clean re-install of XP and, initially, eve... 30 Nov 2009 20:16
Weird thing happed; Windows update wasn't working
Yesterday I realized that it had been almost 2 months with no "updates are ready" notices. So I went to "Windows Updates" and was told that I didn't have the required files or registry and to click a link to get them. Instead I got a "404 not authorized" (or some such). Then I clicked the other link and navigate... 18 Dec 2009 13:51
picsa 3 help
When using Picasa 3 when I go to the help menus it opens up MS Explorer and wants me to sign in. I tried uninstall and then down loaded and reinstall the latest version. No help still get this MS Explorer oepn and wants me to sign in can anyone help ... 30 Nov 2009 13:34
Asked to hand dial, why?
On 16 Nov 2009, Richard Lane <rqlhgl(a)> wrote in xp: Suddenly I am now being asked to hand dial my isp, why? Browser Seamonkey 1.1.9, WP SP2. <> ... 16 Nov 2009 20:15
Log-on Problem
I recently had HD problem that resulted in the tech having to transfer all my files to a new HD. Somewhere in the interim, whatever settings I had made to eliminate the log-on screen with password, has been lost and I can't seem to get rid of it! I've tried using several methods, but all have been unsuccessful. I'... 13 Nov 2009 18:51
How do I configure Outlook Express so that I can open attachments?
I get E-mails with attachments that need Power Point or VLC etc. to open them. I have been sending these to My Docs and opening them from there. No biggie,but I was wondering if there is an easy way to somehow just open them from Outlook. When I try I get a message somrthing like; " This file does not have a progr... 16 Nov 2009 11:14
Vista and XP Compatible SCSI Card for Scanner
Hi all I am looking for SCSI card for my Epson Scanner 1200S, which would run under XP and Vista/Windows 7. Right now I am running XP and Windows 7. If I get an compatible SCSI card than I can run XP mode within Windows 7 and use my scanner that way and safe some disk space for some other work. Is it possib... 14 Nov 2009 16:39
Lost Login password
A temp instructor with a senior's group changed the admin login password before leaving and they cannot access the computer. Any sugestions? ... 9 Nov 2009 11:02
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