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Autorun.inf for http
Has anyone used autorun.inf on a CD-R to open a .html file? [autorun] open=http://file.html does not work, nor does ShellExecuteEx=file.html Any ideas? Kiss French. Drink California. gary at gaugler dot com ... 20 Apr 2010 15:40
Configuring folder view - correction
On 4/15/2010 9:40 AM, Derrick Fawsitt wrote: In message <wxsxn.105296$EE6.65157(a)newsfe23.iad>, robertva <robert_c72athotmail(a)> writes Click "Explore" for the two pane view with drives and folders in the left pane and contents in the right pane. Thank you so much for trying to help me and ... 15 Apr 2010 21:27
Configuring folder view
When opening Windows Explorer I like to have the folder view on the left when I open it, not files and folders which forces me to go to View, Explored bar and Folders to change it. Then the next time I open Explorer it has reverted to Files and Folders view on the left. How do I get it to give me just Folders w... 15 Apr 2010 19:11
Dead machine
Five years ago I bought a copy of WinXP Home Edition and installed it on an older machine, which has now died. I want to run that machine with its 10GB drive through a trash compactor and install the same XP on another five year old machine which has XP (Compaq OEM) but is unuseable because of a virus, so I�... 12 Apr 2010 13:38
Would system restore work on.....
I have XP and aol and firefox on my system. I am not having any problems with Firefox, nor windows per say, but i am with my AOL browser that has all my emails mainly. I am no longer a paying member of AOL, so support is nil. I reinstalled aol to no success with my problem. I defragged, scanned for virus and still ... 5 Apr 2010 16:05
Cannot get sound recorders to work
Windows Media Player's sound is fine. So are any sound files when I click on them to play. The problem is when I attempt to use my sound recorder program to record the sound from a video or any other source. I get a file size, but no audio. Both my recorders were working before I installed WMP 11 from the WPM 9 ... 1 Apr 2010 13:29
wired router problem
trying to hook up a wired router to desk top. windows xp, cable modem, linksys wireless g broadband router. cannot get a internet connection. no problem w/o router but i want to also hook up wireless laptop which has connectivity. thanx for any help ... 30 Mar 2010 18:21
What have I missed in my backup?
XP is becoming sluggish but before I wipe my entire hard disk I wish to do a backup of files I can't afford to lose. I've gone through My Documents, OpenOfficePortable and Program files. I neither have Office nor movies nor pictures. Have I missed anything? TIA, Albert ... 3 Apr 2010 01:49
Looking for Mouse Utility/Control Panel Replacement For Multiple Mouse Profiles
hello, I am looking for a better mouse utility to replace or go beyond the functions of the mouse control panel. It would need to have support different saved profiles for pointer speed and pointer precision, for different mice depending on which mouse I am using and switch profiles automatically when that mou... 28 Mar 2010 13:23
How do you stop a window from jumping back if you stray out of the scroll bar?
In article <b7ae8f4f-b287-4a8e-9cb3- d7b08cf5fd6e(a)>, sales(a) says... Is there a configuration or utility that will stop a window from jumping back to where it was if you stray out of the scroll bar whilst scrolling up or down? I find it very annoying! I'm try... 26 Mar 2010 07:59
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