From: Justin Goldberg on

I am looking for a better mouse utility to replace or go beyond the
functions of the mouse control panel.

It would need to have support different saved profiles for pointer
speed and pointer precision, for different mice depending on which
mouse I am using and switch profiles automatically when that mouse is
plugged in and in use. I know that different models of mice have a
different hardware id (eg my laptops touchpad is PNP0F13\4&7AF5D03&0
and my highly sensitive 1600 dpi usb gaming mouse is

The reason I really need something like this is I find myself
constantly changing the settings depending on whether I am using the
way too fast gaming mouse, the touchpad, or my wireless mouse.

Another feature I could use is a pointer speed setting with finer
granularity. On the 1600 dpi gaming mouse I still can't get the
perfect speed for the mouse, with pointer precision either on or off.

One other thing, why did windows 2000 mouse control panel have the
most settings I've seen, and xp and later had less?