From: Bill Baka on
On 02/21/2010 07:26 PM, Gas Bag wrote:
> I've very recently installed Windows XP Home Edition on the C: Drive
> of a partitioned hard drive with 128MB of RAM. The D: Drive is about
> 18GB, and the C: Drive is about 10GB, both fully defragged. I have
> only installed Internet Explorer 8, along with "Process Explorer".
> At the moment, I am experiencing the most HORRENDOUS problem of "hard
> drive thrashing" I've ever come across, particularly when I open up an
> IE8 webpage. Even if I open up just a single web page and it's
> sitting idle, the hard drive thrashing is terrible. It gets so bad
> that often my computer freezes (or very close to), and I have to
> reboot.
> I've already done the following:
> Defragged both partitions, more than once.
> Scan disk on both partitions (more than once) - no bad sectors found.
> I don't have any Norton Programs installed on my system.
> Turned off "Indexing" in System Properties in the Advanced Settings.
> Turned off System Restore.
> When I enter Task Manager> Performance tab, the PF (Page File) usage
> is often around 300MB.
> When checking the processes running using "Process Explorer", it only
> seems to be IE8 that's doing the most processing.
> If there's any advice anyone can offer, I'd like to hear it.

I sort of fixed the problem by not allowing a swap drive at all. If it
can't fit in my 2.25GB RAM then I don't need to be running Windows all
the time. I also disabled the hibernate mode since it too takes the hard
drive and beats up on it. If you don't have at least 2GB or RAM then you
need to buy some.
Mine works OK with no Pagefile.sys or Hiberfile.
Give it a try.
Bill Baka