From: Tim Munro on
I know the account I'm using does have the correct permissions, because when
logged into the exchange server itself the process works just fine. After I
re-applied Exchange SP2 to my workstation it all started to work again. I
can only imagine the something got broken at some time.


"Ed Crowley [MVP]" <curspice(a)> wrote in message
> It appears that the account you are using doesn't have the required
> permissions. Without any insight into what you've done, I can't tell you
> what is set wrong.
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> Ed Crowley
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> "Tim Munro" <Excelsior(a)Liamtoh.moc> wrote in message
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>> Sorry bad habit. Corrected post.
>> Hello all,
>> I am running in a Native Active Directory 2003, Exchange 2003
>> environment. I am trying to use ExMerge (2003) to dump mailboxes to PST
>> files. The account I am using has all the required permissions and rights
>> and per the various Microsoft articles on this topic. When I am logged
>> into one of
>> the Exchange servers it works perfectly. When I try to run from my own
>> workstation, I get the following in the ExMerge.log file:
>> [14:18:46] Error opening message store (EMS). Verify that the Microsoft
>> Exchange Information Store service is running and that you have the
>> correct
>> permissions to log on. - 0x80040111 (
>> (CMapiSession::GetMailboxesOnServer))
>> [14:18:46] Error getting list of mailboxes on server 'CCSEXF02'
>> [14:18:46] Error encountered getting mailbox information from the private
>> information store database(s) on server 'CCSEXF02'. Make sure you have
>> adequate permissions on the Information Store object. Please refer to the
>> 'ExMerge.log' log file for more information.
>> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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>> Tim.