From: Quin on
I am using Excel 2003 at work and Excel 2007 at home. I have a file that
uses hundreds of text boxes and images. At work, using Excel 2003 I can use
the “Selection” tool to quickly “lasso” several text boxes or images to work
on them, move them, delete them etc. At home it is nearly impossible to use
the selection tool in Excel 2007 to work on multiple objects. Especially if
the objects are spaced more than one screen apart.

I reported this problem in Office Online –“Excel Application Errors” but had
no response.

Is there some work around to be able to select multiple objects efficiently?
I have found that individual “Control-Clicks” are very time consuming and
the “Select All” control does not help. Why does the selection tool not seem
to work in Excel 2007? If it helps, I can post an example file. You will
see how impossible it is to select just a few objects amongst many.

If there is anyone who does not have a problem with the operation of the
Excel 2007 selection tool I would really like to hear from you.
Comments are appreciated,