From: Jaywant on
Hi All,

Background:- We have three domain as group.local,,
In we were having EX01 exchange server, which was crashed
unfortunately we don't have backup. Server EX01 was having 70 non critical
mailboxes. Our admin in deleted mailbox for those 70 users
forcefully from AD and created new mailboxes for those 70 users on Server
EX02. Everything went fine, next day they discovered that Old users cannot
send mail to new mailbox users in cached mode. Everything goes fin in online
mode. As of now we discovered that all users in all domain cant send email to
those 70 users in cached mode; all the messages pileup in the mail queue "
Unreachable destination queue ". Though this work fine in online mode.

Work performed till now:-
Till now we have created new OAB. Tried to delete outlook.NK2 file from
local system, Create new outlook profile.

Some Hints and finding:-
1. We have observed that messages stucked in the queue "Unreachable
destination queue" have "Recipient" field as Envelope Recipients:

As of my knowledge it should be only 'SMTP:Asharma(a)'

2. Also when we browse to Admin Group\EX02\Public Folders\OAB in right pan
it shows Replication status as "Data not available".


This has done major escalation at customer end and need to resolve ASAP.
Kindly provide solution to this issue.
Thanks in advance

Jaywant Kamble.