From: Dr Venkman on

This appears to be different in the way Exchange 2007 and Exchange
2003 auto-complete addresses for Outlook users, and it's causing a
problem for my organization. We are a software company, so we have
different support addresses for our products that are all just email
addresses associated with our "Support" user mailbox. Our customer
support app then pulls mail from this mailbox, checks to see who the
email is addressed to and automatically assigns it to the correct
product support team.

This is causing a problem internally for our support reps that send
emails to that mailbox to open cases. It wasn't the case when we were
on Exchange 2003, but on Exchange 2007, an Outlook user automatically
has the address autocompleted to the primary smtp address associated
with that mailbox. This is screwing up call routing for our support

For example, let's say our support mailbox has 2 addresses:
support(a) and product1(a) with
support(a) being the primary. If an Outlook user with auto-
complete enabled types product1(a) into the To: field in an
email, auto-complete then adds that support mailbox in with it's
primary support(a) email address. The intended "To"
address is over-written.

Is there a way to change this behavior server-side? We have 60+
addresses associated with this mailbox, so it is causing quite the
routing headache for us. Simply turning off auto-complete and
clearing address caches isn't a great option. Thanks!