From: Richard K on
I just finished installing an SBS2008 server running Exchange 2007. I have
a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone that I am connecting to the server. All works
well (I've done this with E2k3 before) and the phone connects and syncs. My
issue is this. There is something on the E2k7 that is forcing the user to
enter a several digit passcode in order to get on to the phone. I figure it
is some security feature in E2k7 so that if the phone comes into the wrong
hands it can be wiped at the server (or wipe itself after 10 failed
attempts). It's a nice feature buy my users HATE having to type in a code
every few minutes just to unlock the screen on their phone. I also cannot
disable this feature because it is greyed out on the phone.

what is going on and how can I, as the E2k7 administrator, make adjustments
for this and anything else on the phone? I figure that E2k7 has a lot of
nice ActiveSync/management features for connecting users like I have found
in Blackberry servers. I also noticed that it has affected not only my
Windows 6.5 phone but a 3rd generation iPhone using ActiveSync. It's got to
be some default policy on the E2k7.


-Richard K