From: Arne And on

I have allso tryed to post this message in Connectivety group, but no
replys... better luck here?

I have an Exchange 2007 server with all the patches and SP. It’s a
single domain, and the server (win 2003 sp2) is also configured as a
DC. (jupp, got only on server)

We have just moved our server to a new location, and also got a new
internet provider. So we had to change the SMTP connector :)

Before the physical transfer of the server, all of our Distribution
groups where working fine. After the move, they are not…. Well…. Some
of the e-mails in a group will go out, but most of them are not. They
reside in the queue and the status is set to retry.

We also get an error in the queue: “Error 451 4.4.0 Primary target IP
address responded with: ”421 4.4.2 Connection dropped””

Why is this happening?

I have tried to set an other internet providers smtp, but with no
After a while we get a NDR with the e-mails that haven’t gone out….