From: sawyer on
Hello all

I recently installed a 2010 CAS server and mailbox server in the same AD
site as a 2007 sp2 CAS server, and mailbox server. After I got the 2010 CAS
and mailbox server installed I followed the below article to reconfigure
the 2007 urls, and configure the 2010 Exchange web services. When testing
out autodiscover from a windows xp sp2 box running outlook 2007 sp2 and when
the mailbox is located on a 2010 mailbox sever, the autodiscover service is
able to configure the outlook client, but I cant see free\busy info for any
users whether they are on the 2007 mailbox server or the 2010 mailbox
server, OOF also doesn't work, but OAB does. If I perform the same test, but
this time the mailbox is located on a 2007 mailbox server, I am able to see
free\busy information for all users across both mailbox servers, oab works,
but oof doesn't work. Also Outlook anywhere seems to work across both
mailbox servers.

In DNS I have created and this points to my 2007 CAS
server, I have also setup and, both of these records point to the 2010 CAS
server. I am not sure what I am missing here, but it is driving me nutz at
this point, any help is greatly appreciated.