From: Stephan Steiner on
I'm trying to upgrade my lab to Exchange 2010 by setting up a new server,
then migrating over the mailboxes.
Unfortunately, I get stuck pretty early in the process - in setp 4, setup
copies a bunch of files to the windowstemp directory, then launches another
task, which aborts immediately with the error in question (the messagebox
title is "Microsoft Exchange Server 2010").
Since the error doesn't tell me anything, I'm wondering how I can get past it.

So far I haven't found any logfiles or eventlog entries that would give me
any indication as to what is going wrong.
From: Stephan Steiner on
By the way, that's on a Server 2008 Standard.

Since I don't have too much time at my hands the the Language Pack Installer
crapping out when trying to download the list from the Internet (Something
about FileNotFoundException with HRESULT 0x8007007E), I figured I'd give 2008
Server R2 a shot, and wouldn't you know, my Exchange 2010 is now installing.

If only the setup would come with the required logic to install
prerequisites manually (and mention that you need the IIS6 tools) the whole
prerequisite checking would've gone a lot faster.