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From: David Chadwick on

We are having a look at purchasing one of the various AD/Exchange management
products (for example, "AD Manager Plus").

I have always wondered what the supportability of this kind of product is.
If I create a user in the Exchange 2007 Management Console I *know* it has
been done right. Microsoft gave me the tool to use and obviously it is the
"official" way to create a mailbox. PowerShell would be another official
Microsoft tool that I could use.

When introducing a 3rd party product which takes over as the mechanism that
creates and manipulates the mailbox, how supportable is this? How do I know
that it does it "right"? Sure it can modify AD and all that kind of thing -
but just because it appears to work OK doesn't mean I know for sure that it
has done exactly what the official tool does when creating a mailbox. For
all I know I could get a weird problem 2 years down the track when upgrading
to Exchange 2010 which was caused by using a non-standard tool.

If I ask the vendors they will, of course, tell me that it is all OK. Being
the suspicious type that I am I wanted to look into this further. :)

Does anyone know what Microsoft's official position is on this kind of
thing? Exchange is just an example - the same applies for creating users in
AD, enabling OCS etc.


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