From: Bill on

Could someone please tell me if I have to install Exchange Server 2007 on a
AD Domain Controller, or can it be installed on a member server? I have a
Windows 2008 Server that is a member server in a Windows 2003 Active
Directory network that I'm looking to install Exchange 2007 on.

Also, could someone tell me if there are any articles out there that will
help me install my Exchange 2007 in the same domain as an existing Exchange
2003 Server (running on Windows 2000 Server)? I'm looking to install the
new Exchange 2007 as a new server (new name) and migrate the users from the
Exchange 2003 Server over to the new Exchange 2007 Server (then remove the
Exchange 2003 Server from the network). I was hoping to get some directions
on doing this.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


From: Paul on
You would be best off installing Exchange 2007 on a member server NOT a domain controller. The series of articles here explain the transition from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 in some depth.