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What we do here is that we don't store the mail in the Exchange. Many people here have Exchange mailboxes in GBs. So, we create a pst on another local partition so that the mails can be recovered if Windows crashes.

I don't know how your setup is. but ours is an internal Exchange setup and it works pretty well here.

Kaddie wrote:

Exchange 2007 disk space question

Hi, We have around 500 mailboxes and our Mailbox database is getting very
large. We may soon be running low on disk space on the server. The server
is attached to a SAN but the SAN is pretty much full. We cannot asign more
space to the drives where the database store sits. We are using LCR.

Can we move the store to another network location or does the disk have to
be attached to the exchange server. Does moving the mailboxes to a newly
created store really get much space back. When a consultant did our
migration from 2003 to 2007 a couple of years ago I did not notice much
difference in the database size on the new server. If I delete a heap of old
mailboxes should I get back that space in the store.

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