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>>>>> Hi, When I used to open Explorer I always got "My Computer" above "My
>>>>> Docs" in the list, and "My Computer" was always the expanded one. Now
>>>>> "My
>>>>> Docs" has moved above "My Computer" and that is the expanded list. A
>>>>> small
>>>>> problem I know, but irritating as I always want to get somewhere in
>>>>> "My
>>>>> Computer" first without collapsing one then expanding the other ina
>>>>> position I'm not used to. I believe is has something to do with
>>>>> "%root%
>>>>> type commands, but I cannot remember. Any help appreciated.
>>>>> Richard.
>>>> See:
>>>> Good luck,
>>>> Donald Anadell
>>> Thank you Donald....That is very nearly exactly as I wanted it. The C
>>> drive now opens expanded and not "My Docs" (Using the
>>> "%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,/select,%systemroot%" configuration. If I
>>> could now just move the "My Comp" folder(expanded) to above "My Docs" so
>>> it is top of the tree.......!! Any ideas?? Thanks again.
>> The easiest way would be to use the "TweakUI" power toy and change the
>> "Desktop" setting for "First Icon" to My Computer instead of My
>> Documents.
>> Then when you open Windows Explorer, it will open with My Computer on top
>> of
>> the tree instead of My Documents.
>> Good luck,
>> Donald Anadell
>>> Richard.
> Brilliant!! Works perfectly! Thank you Donald.

You're welcome Richard, glad you got it sorted out.

Good luck,

Donald Anadell