From: Ken Schaefer on
You can do this from within IIS manager.

Select the node you want, right-click -> All tasks -> Save Configuration to

Be aware that things that are machine specific (e.g. IUSR username/password,
or IP address bindings) will need to be manually corrected either prior to
import (by editing the XML file) or after import on the target server.


"+Bob+" <nomailplease(a)> wrote in message
> Win2003 / IIS
> Is there any way to export a group of sites (configuration) to a
> file(s) which can then be imported to another identical IIS server?
> I am moving my content to a new server. Same OS/IIS version. I can
> easily move the physical files (web pages, graphics, etc) but I don't
> know how to move the server setup. I'd prefer not to have to manually
> reconstruct each site.
> Thanks,