From: Brian V on
Excellent excellent excellent. I got some more information I needed.

The graphics card is on board. I would have to try and disable it. I plan on
getting a PCI express x16 slot filled. My system can handle a NVIDIA 9000
series (somwehere in there). Not yet though. I'm still researching.

I know some of my questions are redundant, but I have trouble expressing
what I am thinking sometimes, or take another few days to clear it up and add

The next question is: Some graphics cards apparently require DDR3 memory. My
motherbaord handles DDR2. I think DDR3 is newer. Can I fit DDR3 onto my mobo?
Or are the slots different than DDR2 (just like DDR2's are different than
those before)? I talked to a guy at work and he said he ignores some of the
specs sometimes. I think that is dumb, but I believe sometimes a person can
get away with what my co-worker does

Can I run a graphics card in the PCI express slot that requires DDR3 RAM
when my mobo uses DDR2? Is it seperate or not like you posted about above?
From: Brian V on
Ok great. I can put a higher end graphics card in the computer if I wanted
with DDR3 on-board ram since I have the PCI Express 16 slot. That is the only
slot I'v seen asked for.