From: Frédéric Perrin on
Ben Morrow <ben(a)> writes:
> Quoth =?utf-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYw==?= Perrin <fred(a)>:
>> If I understand correctly [1], the problem with threads is the
>> refaddr; if I use an other index that I know is unique between my
>> objects (in my example, it could be the hostname of the remote
>> server), that will work, right?
> Yes, provided you are *certain* there will never be an overlap.

Yes I am (or rather, the mapping hostname -> my_new_field is well
defined, i.e. a given host will always have the same value for
my_new_field; plus my_new_field is always RO once the object has been

> You will also need a DESTROY method to remove dead entries, which I
> forgot to mention before. HUF and OIO both handle this for you.

If I lay around an handful of extra copies of my datastructures, that
won't be a big deal, given the nature of the program. It would be more
important to remember to close the SSH sessions when I'm done with

Thank you Ben, and thank you Mumia.