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If you connect the USB printer to one computer and leave that computer on
all the time, you can set up sharing. Start -> Printers and Faxes -> Right
click printer and go to sharing. Then on the other computer you will need to
add a new printer and find that printer. Of course this is if you have your
machines networked together.

If you do not want to leave that computer on all the time look up a Netgear
Print Server that has USB. You can try the model PS101 or PS121 I believe..
It's about $40 bucks.

I had a different model in my office for years that ran off parallel port..
the unit finally broke..

"MN" <MN(a)> wrote in message
>I have a printer that uses USB as it's input (like most current printers
>do). I have more than one computer, and would like to share the printer.
>Thus, I need something like an "external USB multi-port auto-sharing
>switch". Is there such an "animal" that I could appropriately use to share
>my USB printer ?
> Please advise.