From: Martijn Lievaart on
On Wed, 04 Aug 2010 16:10:39 -0400, Sherm Pendley wrote:

> "Uri Guttman" <uri(a)> writes:
>> i don't use a debugger, IDE or anything but print and i get working
>> code without pain. brains over typing! :)
> Agreed - I *very* rarely need to resort to single-stepping, breakpoints,
> and the like. It's nice to know that they're available though, for those
> rare occasions when I do need them.

It also depends on the language. In Perl, I agree completely. But I also
have to code in VBA6 (shudder) and use the debugger all the time there.

Some reasons:
- Bugs in Perl are rare, in Perl modules rarer than in VBA6. In VBA6 they
are plenty
- Documentation of Perl and Perl modules is vastly better, in VBA6 I
often have to resort to try-it-out-and-figure-out-what-happens. And in
Perl you can at least look at the source of the modules, they are
documentation as well (and I do that a lot).
- The VBA6 debugger is vastly better than the perl debugger, making it
attractive to single step through new code to see if the code behaves the
way you thought it would.
- Perl is so much more powerful, you have to write a lot less code to
achieve the same goal. Less LOC, less bugs.

When I code in C or C++, I use the debugger more often than in Perl, but
still not very often.