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2.15: Where can I buy a commercial version of perl?

In a real sense, perl already *is* commercial software: it has a license
that you can grab and carefully read to your manager. It is distributed
in releases and comes in well-defined packages. There is a very large
user community and an extensive literature. The comp.lang.perl.*
newsgroups and several of the mailing lists provide free answers to your
questions in near real-time. Perl has traditionally been supported by
Larry, scores of software designers and developers, and myriad
programmers, all working for free to create a useful thing to make life
better for everyone.

However, these answers may not suffice for managers who require a
purchase order from a company whom they can sue should anything go awry.
Or maybe they need very serious hand-holding and contractual
obligations. Shrink-wrapped CDs with perl on them are available from
several sources if that will help. For example, many Perl books include
a distribution of perl, as do the O'Reilly Perl Resource Kits (in both
the Unix flavor and in the proprietary Microsoft flavor); the free Unix
distributions also all come with perl.


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