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2.4: I copied the perl binary from one machine to another, but scripts don't work.

That's probably because you forgot libraries, or library paths differ.
You really should build the whole distribution on the machine it will
eventually live on, and then type "make install". Most other approaches
are doomed to failure.

One simple way to check that things are in the right place is to print
out the hard-coded @INC that perl looks through for libraries:

% perl -le 'print for @INC'

If this command lists any paths that don't exist on your system, then
you may need to move the appropriate libraries to these locations, or
create symbolic links, aliases, or shortcuts appropriately. @INC is also
printed as part of the output of

% perl -V

You might also want to check out "How do I keep my own module/library
directory?" in perlfaq8.


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