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3.3: Is there a Perl shell?

The psh (Perl sh) is currently at version 1.8. The Perl Shell is a shell
that combines the interactive nature of a Unix shell with the power of
Perl. The goal is a full featured shell that behaves as expected for
normal shell activity and uses Perl syntax and functionality for
control-flow statements and other things. You can get psh at .

Zoidberg is a similar project and provides a shell written in perl,
configured in perl and operated in perl. It is intended as a login shell
and development environment. It can be found at or
your local CPAN mirror.

The module (distributed with Perl) makes Perl try commands
which aren't part of the Perl language as shell commands. perlsh from
the source distribution is simplistic and uninteresting, but may still
be what you want.


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