From: Ilya Zakharevich on
On 2010-08-13, Ted Zlatanov <tzz(a)> wrote:
>>> I disagree. The FAQ should target the latest Perl.
> DC> Why?
> I think it's pretty self-evident


> and brian explained it better.

No, he did not.

There are two principal modes of writing Perl: (generalized)
one-liners, and reusable code.

"One-liners" address a particular problem in a particular environment.
I have no problems when my one-liners use features specific to the
particular version of Perl.

When I write reusable code, I'm interested in balancing "the lowest common
denominator" vs "annoyance factor with coding to rare flavors of Perl".

I'd be more interested in consulting FAQ (and other docs) when I
operate in the second ("reusable") mode. So I'm much more interested
in FAQ focusing on the "current pool" of deployed Perl than it
focussing on the latest version.