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On 2010-06-15, Keith Thompson scribbled these curious markings:
> PerlFAQ Server <brian(a)> writes:
> [...]
>> If exception handling is all you're interested in, try the
>> "" library (part of the standard perl distribution).
> [...]
> You probably don't want to recommend "". Note the ".pl"
> rather than ".pm" suffix; as I understand it, that means you have
> to use
> do '';
> rather than the modern:
> use exceptions;
> And the comment header says:
> # This library is no longer being maintained, and is included for backward
> # compatibility with Perl 4 programs which may require it.
> #
> # In particular, this should not be used as an example of modern Perl
> # programming techniques.

Wow, indeed. Probably best with Try::Tiny these days. Or, if you've
already got {Devel,MooseX}::Declare loaded or want the extra features,
see TryCatch.

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