From: Phred Phungus on
Ben Morrow wrote:

> No, I think someone has just incorrectly changed the tense of that
> sentence at some point in the past. I suspect what was meant is
> Simple files like errno.h, syscall.h and socket.h are fine, but the
> hard ones like ioctl.h nearly always need to be hand-edited.

>> My question is how syscall is different from C's
>> int status;
>> status = system("ls *");
>> or
>> FILE *fp;
>> fp = popen ("ls *", "r");
>> If I'm to rely on my own eyes reading syscall in _Programming Perl_, I
>> would say they were completely disparate notions.
> I don't understand the question. syscall is completely different from
> either system or popen (or ls, for that matter).

Yet you answered the question. Lew Pitcher used them synonymously in
one of his explanations, which are usually very careful and correct.
Maybe we have tendency to elide system call to sys call.