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9.19: How do I return the user's mail address?

On systems that support getpwuid, the $< variable, and the
"Sys::Hostname" module (which is part of the standard perl
distribution), you can probably try using something like this:

use Sys::Hostname;
$address = sprintf('%s@%s', scalar getpwuid($<), hostname);

Company policies on mail address can mean that this generates addresses
that the company's mail system will not accept, so you should ask for
users' mail addresses when this matters. Furthermore, not all systems on
which Perl runs are so forthcoming with this information as is Unix.

The "Mail::Util" module from CPAN (part of the "MailTools" package)
provides a "mailaddress()" function that tries to guess the mail address
of the user. It makes a more intelligent guess than the code above,
using information given when the module was installed, but it could
still be incorrect. Again, the best way is often just to ask the user.


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