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I am trying to create a FIFO schedule in Excel. I am trying to determine the
best formula to remove inventory based on FIFO. So, for instance, I have 5
layers of inventory all with different costs. On the sales side, I want to
chew into the first layer first, however if the sales is greater than the
inventory in the first layer, I need to go to the second layer and so forth.
Anyone have any good formulas for setting up a schedule like this? Or point
me in the right direction....Thanks!
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This is not a simple problem. The Greeks couldn't solve it 2000 years
ago so what makes you think you can solve it any better. The greeks
didn't have a computer and you do.

This type of problem it called a packing problem. The Greek going into
battles had different size chariots with different supplies to fill the
chariots. the Greeks wanted to find the best way of loading the
chariots to use the least amount of chariots and if the over filled
their chariot the chariot would go too slow or tip over. The greeks
wanted to know the optimum way of packing the chariots.

Today with computers to get the best solution you usually set up a set
of rules and a method to score each solution. Then try every
combination of solutions and take the one with the best score.

Your problem is a very simple type of packing problem. You may just
need a simple algorithm and not try every combination. A formula
solution probably isn't going to work and you would need to write a VBA
macro to get the results.

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