From: Wladimir Mutel on
Hi all,

My setup is as follows :

Win2k8 R2 x64 with IIS 7.x. On IIS7, two HTTP virtual hosts are
defined, distinguished by domain name in request URLs, and stored in
two separate folders under c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ . Each host contains
ASP.NET Web application, also serving SilverLight modules for the
client-side browser. I have added FTP publish for one of the host/
folders, having created Windows user account and password for this
purpose, and granted full access for this user to this folder; and
this seems to be working. Then I am trying to add FTP publish for
another host/folder/app , but failed multiple times on whatever ways I
have tried.

So I have an unresolved task of setting up multi-user FTP publish/
upload into separate IIS folders.

Please give me some guidance and reference on these topics :

1. Is it possible to add FTP publish for multiple separate users, each
to its own app/host folder ?
2. Should I use Windows user accounts and passwords, of accounts/
passwords specific to IIS7/FTP ?
3. Should I configure specific folder/profile names/locations for
these FTP accounts ?
4. Are there any special ACLs to be configured on folders intended for
upload by IIS7/FTP ?
5. What specific things are to be considered for redirecting virtual
FTP folders to real NTFS folders?

Or may be just share your working setup with me ?

Thank you in advance for your reply .