From: Jonathan Fine on

A big thanks to Armin Ronacher and Raymond Hettinger for
PEP 372: Adding an ordered dictionary to collections

I'm using ConfigParser and I just assumed that the options in a section
were returned in the order they were given. In fact, I relied on this fact.

And then when I came to test the code it went wrong. After some anguish
I looked at ConfigParser and saw I could pass it a dict_type. So I
could fix the problem myself by writing an OrderDict. Which I duly
prototyped (in about an hour).

I then thought - maybe someone has been down this path before. A Google
search quickly led me to PEP 372 and hence to
which says
class configparser.RawConfigParser(defaults=None,

So all that I want has been done already, and will be waiting for me
when I move to Python3.

So a big thank you is in order.