From: Joe User on
FYI, the MS Discussion Groups web interface is not displaying postings
again. It appears to be accepting and propagating postings; they are simply
not visible using the MSDG interface. So expect to see a lot of duplicate
postings :-(.

The MSDG interface seems to have broken some time after 2:51am PST today,
Jan 9. At least, that is the last posting that I found which can be read
using the MSDG interface as well as Google Groups and the MSNews server.

I believe this is a problem with the MSDG server, not the MSNews server,
because normally it takes 30-40 min for postings through the MSNews server
to be readable using the MSDG interface, whereas it typically takes only 1-3
min for postings through the MSDG interface to be readable using the MSDG
interface. Ergo, the MSDG interface is not sending new postings first to
the MSNews server, then waiting for the MSNews server to propagate them back
or otherwise make them accessible to the MSDG server.