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I have an Adara Slimstar flatbed scanner that I have had and took
excellent care of since I got it with a new, top of the line Win98
computer. I used the flatbed with XP Pro by using Mustek drivers for a
Slimscan scanner with the twain 32 drivers, swiss knife program, and it
came with some sort of "fake" scssi driver that would put a fake scssi
device in the device manager. This worked fine, other than if you tried
to scan in line art mode, the computer would lock up. No big deal, can
always drop the color pallet depth later. Now that I have Windows 7, NO
driver anywhere will work with this scanner.

Since Linux has always supported flatbed scanners, I decided to give it a
try and hook it up to the parallel port of my Fedora 12 machine. xsane
finds no available scanners. I do have the kernel module loaded for

[ohmster(a)ohmster ~]$ lsmod |grep parport
parport_pc 22748 0
parport 29300 2 ppdev,parport_pc
[ohmster(a)ohmster ~]$

I do not have a link to any kind of scanner in /dev

I also uncommented mustek_pp in my /etc/sane.d/dll.conf file. But I
cannot find a scanner on the system at all. Any kind of HOW-TO is very
vague on this subject of parallel port scanners with sane. Most of them
tell to use a modern USB scanner and be done with it.

So the question is, do I have any hope of ever using this wonderful
scanner ever again or using it in Linux? It seems that no one will write
drivers for an old product and the existing drivers do not work with a
modern OS. What to do, throw out the scanner or is there a way to make it
work in Fedora 12?

Help please. Thank you.

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