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"lightdreamer" <lightdreamer(a)> wrote in message
> Ok guys, so i've found tons of threads that explain how to fill an excel
> range from a sub in vb, but none that explains how to do so from a
> function

do you mean something like this?

Sub tryit()
With Sheet1
.Range(.Cells(2, 1), .Cells(2, 5)) = fillit
End With
End Sub

Function fillit() As Long()
Dim v(1 To 5) As Long
Dim x As Long
For x = 1 To 5
v(x) = x * 10
fillit = v
End Function

> Suppose the following function (even if what i have to work with is much
> more complicated... and it should fill 3 ranges with 3 different
> arrays...):

that doesn't make sense to me; a function returns one thing so if I wanted
something to fill 3 different values I'd pass them as arguments to a sub and
fill them that way

you may also find more help in an excel.vb newsgroup since Excel VBA and VB
aren't quite the same thing and, apart from Rick, I'm not sure there's much
overlap between the groups