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Regional settings for dates?

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"Dennis McDermott" <dennis.mcdermott(a)> wrote in message
> Thanks again Allen,
> I used your code and this is the result
> VISTA HOME PREMUIM JET VERSION 4.0.9511.0 (filter works as expected
> here)
> XP PRO JET VERSION JET VERSION 4.0.9511.0 (filter does not work as
> expected here, same Jet Version as PC above, so it looks like its
> something else that is causing the difference)
> WINDOWS 7 JET VERSION 4.0.9756.0 (filter works as expected here)
> Dennis

From: Dennis McDermott on
On 30 May, 02:43, "Allen Browne" <AllenBro...(a)SeeSig.invalid> wrote:
> Regional settings for dates?

Hello Allen, I had said a couple of posts ago that I had checked the
regional settings for dates, however I have just gone and checked them
again, and yes there was a difference (must have had a drink last time
I checked !!), on my main PC that worked as expected the short date
format was dd/MM/yyyy whereas on the other PC where it did not work
the short date format was dd/MM/yy I changed this to dd/MM/yyyy and it
then worked, I then changed it back to confirm that this was the
problem, and strangly I do not now get the error message I was getting

"The expression you entered contain invalid syntax"
You may have entered a comma without a preceeding value or

But it just returns no records, which is to be expected.

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, it's much appreciated.