From: Peter Lind on
Ahh, I see why my suggestions had no effect - I assumed you were
dealing with normal php errors, not something done customly by the

I'm afraid the only option I see is that of debugging the problem
script to find out where it opens STDERR - if you're certain that the
script specifically outputs messages to STDERR, then it's opening that
stream somewhere before the output.


On 23 March 2010 11:28, Marten Lehmann <lehmann(a)> wrote:
>> Have you tried with
>> or just the
>> @ operator?
> Yes. But this does not work, because error levels and the @ operator only
> relate to errors thrown by the PHP runtime and have nothing to do with
> But I need a way to close the STDERR file handle at the beginning of a
> script or at least catch and remove all output sent to STDERR.
> Regards
> Marten
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