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Dave O
Thanks for your help Dave the test project is going well hope to be able to
test later in the week. I will watch out for the points you made.
i hope you will excuse my answer to Keven Provance.

"Dave O." wrote:

> "LondonLad" <LondonLad(a)> wrote in message
> news:195ACFD6-F66C-4BC4-A9B7-3AF4000FA938(a)
> > Hi Dave O
> > Sorry about the double post I did understand what was being said. For some
> > reason I could not see my original post.
> > I am using part of the code written by Randy Birch to get Modified date
> > from
> > the folder but could not get the find folder part thats why I posted.
> > I am now adding FindFirstFile: Changing File and/or Folder Attributes
> > Recursively also by Randy not quite sure how this is getting what I want
> > need to investigate further.
> > Thanks to all who posted.
> Good, look carefully at the WFD32 structure returned by
> FindFirstFile/FindNextFile it contains pretty much everything you could
> need, file/folder name, attributes, all 3 dates and file size well into the
> Exabyte range (10^18), so using a simple recursive routine based on one from
> Randy you can solve this yourself.
> One tripping point you should be aware of is that dates are stored in GMT,
> so you should investigate the FileTimeToLocalFileTime API. If the FileTime
> date format is awkward you might want to check out FileTimeToSystemTime and
> then possibly SystemTimeToVariantTime.
> Regards
> Dave O.
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