From: Ed from AZ on
Where I work, we've always used Outlook for email. I think we started
with the version before 2000 Pro; we're now using 2007 Pro. I have
Outlook 2000 Pro at home (on XP Pro SP 3).

Here's the For Dummies part - Outlook has always just been there.
It's been a part of our computer set-up ever since I started using
computers out here. So I have absolutely no clue how to set it up for
use on my own home computer!!

I have a couple of gmail accounts and two web sites with email
accessed through the host's web control panel. I'm wanting to set up
a system where I can receive email through OL (whenever I connect
through my local WiFi), and then auto-respond based on a keyword in
the SUBJECT field (either by a rule or using a macro).

(That's part of what makes me feel Dummie - I can set up rules and
create macros in OL, but I don't know how to get my email in my

Any pointers in the right direction are greatly appreciated!