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On Mar 9, 1:57 am, emanning <emann...(a)> wrote:
> I recently upgraded a 2003 mdb to a 2007 accdb.  There is one form in
> this accdb that causes 2007 to crash after it closes and compacts.
> (the standard "M O A has encountered a problem and needs to close...."
> message with an option to restart Access)  After placing debug
> breakpoints in various spots in the code, I've determined that it
> crashes Access when the form open event fires but before the first
> line of code is executed.
> I can use the form repeatedly while the accdb is open.  2007 crashes
> only after it's closed.  If I don't open this form, the 2007 closes
> and compacts crash.
> I took the automatic compact out - no change.
> I recreated the form - no change.
> This is a good-sized accdb with lots of forms.  The coding is all VBA,
> there are no macros except for Autoexec to open the main menu form,
> and is fairly straight-forward.  Nothing fancy going on.
> I'm curious if there's some kind of property setting on the form or
> accdb that would cause this kind of behavior.
> I've been researching this problem online and unfortunately there's a
> million reasons why 2007 might crash.  I'm hoping that someone has had
> a similar problem to mine.
> Thanks for any help or advice.

I had the same issue but in an A2003 app (with A2007 also installed).
I thought it was corruption and spent days trying every possible