From: Barry Edmund Wright on
Hi All,

I have MS Access 2003 (11.8308.8324) SP3 with hot fix 945674 & 970623
applied. There appears to be a Tab Ctl bug as explained below: has
anyone else experienced this and is there a solution.

I had a sub form on a form. Then added a tab ctl on the form and put
the sub form form on the first tab. when I opened the form in form
view I could see the sub form on the tab 0 on tab 1 as well. The sub
form did not display on tab 1 when in design view.

One further thing - I use the lines below to update the sourceobject
and recordsource for the sub form. If I don't use the
subfrmCaseProcedureDocuments.SourceObject =
"subfrmCaseProcedureDocuments" line no bleeding occurs. If I run the
database on MS Access 2007 no bleeding occurs even when I run the code

vSQL = "SELECT tblCaseProcedure.strProcedure,
tblCaseProcedure.lngCaseProcedureID, etc Me!
subfrmCaseProcedureDocuments.SourceObject =
Form_subfrmCaseProcedureDocuments.RecordSource = vSQL