From: Rach on
I'm currently working on a new form, in my table I have combo boxes but some
of my questions need to allow users to select more than one answer - how
should I go about setting this up?
From: Jeff Boyce on

If you have "comboboxes in your table", you probably used the lookup
datatype. This can cause you headaches later on because Access stores one
thing (the primary key of the looked-up value), but displays something else
(the looked-up value). Confused yet?!

One way to reduce the confusion, both for you and for anyone who needs to
maintain the db after you (or you, after a few months), would be to only
store the primary key in the table, then use a combobox in a form for
selecting the lookup value.

Second question/point ... selecting more than one answer ...

A common way to handle having more than one answer/criterion/field/etc.
selected can be found in the wizards in Access. They use "paired
listboxes". Generically, the left listbox holds all possible choices
(except those already chosen), while the right listbox holds those already

Is this what you were after?


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP

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