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If you’ve been following the news on the new launch of Microsoft
Office 2010, you may have noticed something missing. The new Office
Web Apps that are causing quite a Google v. Microsoft stir are not MS
Access-friendly. Read more about it in the latest blog post from
Caspio, “Access 2010 Snubs Web Developers … Now What?” at
and please share your comments. An excerpt of the post is included

And while you’re there, you should check out our complimentary Access
Migration Kit (, which includes a trial
of Caspio to help you bring your databases online 90% faster than with
MS Access alone.

New software updates: Welcomed or scary?

Every time an upgrade rolls out, users have to contemplate whether
they should spend valuable time migrating projects and maneuvering
around software bugs/compatibility issues to enjoy the new features,
or stay behind the technology curve where they’re perfectly
comfortable, thank you very much.

The release of Microsoft Office 2010 earlier this month suddenly has
many IT managers and developers on edge while they investigate the new
capabilities and decide whether to upgrade their current IT
operations. One new feature under a lot of scrutiny from Microsoft
Access developers are the new Web Apps which require Access users to
deal with a SharePoint Server to get a database online... (Continue
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Not only are you spamming these newsgroups, you weren't even courteous
enough to cross-post!

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