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From: Tina Clarke on
"Ishrat Khan" <IshratKhan(a)> wrote in message
>I am totally new to FrontPage 2003 but wish to continue creating a site in
> it. Can anyone advise on the following:
> 1. Whether I should buy a domain name and start hosting as soon as I start
> or should I wait until I have completed the website on my local computer
> and
> then publish the site

Get your domain name from a different place than where you get your hosting.
Avoid anything with the word AOL in it. My favourite is for
domains and I am using for some of my hosting ....

with frontpage avoid using

shared borders
navigation bot
hit counter
hover buttons
fp forms

instead use

include pages for menus
your server stats for visit counts

work in split view and avoid turning on the common or formatting toolbar
then you won't be tempted to use them.. instead use the css editor.

> 2. I have created a strip of moving (right to left) images in
> Flash5...each
> one being a button and if clicked on should open up an individual web page
> with a large version of that button image. This means having linked each
> image to a unique URL taken from the preview. But will this link remain
> when
> the site is published or are the links likely to be the URL
> was
> only a test and not really hosted?

.../mylink.htm is relative the browser online it will resolve to

absolute would be

> 3. Which is the best place to buy a domain name for life?

as i said i recommend

I would also read and read .. about webdesign .. there is quite a lot to get
to grips with... its not just about creating a site its about how you do it.

> Your help is appreciated.
> Many thanks
> ishrat

hth Tina
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