From: SMS on
Steve Carlson wrote:

> Past P&S cameras from this company had noise-free ISO1600 due to their
> previous sensor designs. Those particular models are even difficult to find
> being sold as used today because they are so worth having. Nobody wants to
> give them up.

Looks interesting. It'll be interesting to see the focusing speed and
the noise on a higher resolution sensor than Fuji had on their older
models. If the street price is around $400 it could be a winner. But
we've seen so many instances of new super-zoom P&S cameras coming up far
short when compared to D-SLRs, I'm not holding my breath on this one.
One very bad sign on this camera is that it uses AA batteries.
From: Paul Furman on
LOL! wrote:
> Paul Furmanwrote:
>> P&S don't hold any magic for macros, you can always stop down a DSLR for
>> exactly the same DOF.

We've discussed this before, there is no magic.
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