From: Noel Jones on
On 4/16/2010 1:31 PM, fakessh wrote:
> hi all
> hi wieste
> hi all users of this list
> hi much many people
> good god, I come with the same question
> I always wonder how to build a catch-all
> I asked the same question on the list dovecot
> after discussion, it appears that the work of a local delivery agent could
> not have catch-all

Use of a catch-all is well documented. A simple example is

The catch-all example in VIRTUAL_README assumes that
$myhostname is listed in mydestination, which is the default.
(Unqualified user names in virutal_alias_maps get @$myorigin
appended to them, which defaults to $myhostname. End result,
"joe" becomes "joe@$myhostname".)

Note that use of catch-all addresses is now considered poor
practice and discouraged. Better to define the addresses you
are willing to accept and reject the rest. But there's
nothing in postfix that prevents you from using a catch-all

-- Noel Jones