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Alf P. Steinbach <alfps(a)> wrote:
>I think it was EMI who once distributed a nasty rootkit (and yes, it
>was theirs, it was not an accident) as a copy protection scheme on a
>music CD.

Sony, and I still (mostly) boycott Sony. (I buy no Sony hardware, but
because Sony owns a movie studio, it's a little more difficult to boycott
Sony DVDs.)
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On Apr 1, 12:48 am, Abethebabe <abrahamalra...(a)> wrote:
> I wanted to know if there was a way I could get a Python program to
> run off of my flash drive as soon as the computer (Windows) detected
> the device?
> For example I could have a a simple program that would create a text
> document on the computers desktop when my flash drive is detected.

You could use Autorun.inf if your using Windows but for linux I don't