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RayLopez99 wrote:

> I have a Pentium II with 1 GB (!) hd and a
> few sticks of RAM.

DSL does not have as many powerful system tools built in to diagnose
your hardware, such as mobo, as are available in Hiren's boot CD, so I
think you should burn a Hiren's 10.4

Then you should use the Hiren's tools to properly diagnose the hardware
on this P1 comp3

> Beever (text
> editor) do hard carrage return line breaks instead of wrapping?

Beaver can be configured to wordwrap in two places: Settings and

> I need help on how to move files using the 'emelfm' file manager

The default emelFM has a 'center' pane with 14 buttons, one of which is
Help, which help tells you all kinds of things including drag and drop.

> BTW the user who will get this machine (or rather, one nearly like it)
> is only going to surf the net and do docs on the net (Google apps).

I don't think DSL is the best choice for a newbie - some/many newbies;
nor do I think DSL on an alleged/currently 48 meg ram machine is the
best choice for a newby - some/many newbies.

The other LT machine comp2 is 512 megs and would do much better for the
newbie with some other linux distro which is more graphical.

The 48 meg ram machine will do better for a newby with a Win9x such as
Win98 LitePC mod to lite98 or mod the W2k to 2000lite.

You need to get it light for the Win so that you have enough resources
to protect it with something light.

Personally I think - reiterate - the 48 meg ram machine should have its
mobo accurately determined and if there is something wrong with the ram
stick seating that is interfering with its maximum ram potential being
met, you should fix that.

> My system info below--for you doubters.

P1 (P5) 100 mhz, sez 46 megs ram (?!), Via VP1 chipset, S3 virge
graphics, Seagate 1.3G hdd, floppy, ps/2, usb1, serial, I didn't see
anything about printer port, cdrom, audio

> I am surfing naked. This is OK in Linux land, right?


Mike Easter
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RayLopez99 wrote:
Subject: Got it working! First post from inside Damn Small Linux!

Is your current status that you are running DSL as a live CD, frugal
install, or what?

It makes a difference about installing other software.

Mike Easter
From: Mike Easter on
RayLopez99 wrote:

> My system info below-

> dsl-4.2.5 Mon Jun 7 15:25:27 2010

These specs have elements ranging from 1994 - the p54c cpu, thru'
1996-97, the Via chipset and S3 Virge dx/gx gfx, and even to 2000, the
USB2, which I wonder if it is a mistake or a USB2 card or what. DSL
also reports USB 1.1 -- both.

That Seagate hdd is actually a 3G drive ST33240A, not just 1.3G

You definitely need to do more research and define your hardware better
so that you will be able to use it most effectively. You can do a lot
with the software on something like Hiren's.

Not knowing what your hardware is when it is just sitting on the shelf
collecting dust is one thing, but when you start 'fixing it up' with the
expectation of running applications on it and doing things with it, it
is time to find out what you have.

Mike Easter