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Suppose your 15 is in A1. This will give you 3.5 in one column:


and this will give you 4 in another column:


and will cope with other values as expected.

Hope this helps.


On Feb 17, 5:36 pm, Teri <T...(a)> wrote:
> Hi there.  I'm hoping someone can help me.  I'm pulling my hair out trying to
> figure out how I can take a certain number of hours (for OT banking purposes)
> and calculating anything over 7.5 hours, up to 11 hours in one column - and
> anything over 11 hours in a separate column.
> For example:  An employee worked 15 hours in a day.  In the first column the
> formula would provide the number 3.5 (as 7.5 plus 3.5 is 11 hours for the
> day) and the second column would provide the number 4 (as this is the number
> of hours over the 11 hours).
> Any help that anyone could provide would be GREATLY appreciated!
> Thanks so much!!
> Teri