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> CC Cleaner lists this as an unwanted item, however I am unable
> to delete it.

I too was confounded by the "unused" extension in this thread, so
I researched it. Here's what I found:

From Alexandru Frigioiu (Avira moderator):
"Sorry, this is a registry entry for internal use of AntiVir and
we cannot say anything about it."

Now, with that said, several people have found innovative ways to
delete the extension and have reported no problems with AntiVir
after doing so.

A couple of suggested ways to delete it (at YOUR OWN RISK of
course): Use one of the utilities you will find referenced by
searching the GUID listed here. Shut off AntiVir's protection for
the registry, delete the key, then restart the protection. (ppl
who have done this claim the key does NOT return and AntiVir works
fine.) You might also try switching off inherited permissions from
parent, using Regedit.

Now... with all THAT said, my personal advice would be to JUST

Messing with a setting that is put into place by the people you
are entrusting your ENTIRE MACHINE to is folly at best. People say
that "AntiVir continues to run fine".... yet, how do they know

What they should say is "I have not had any obvious problems with
running AntiVir, however I cannot say that I have NOT crippled
AntiVir in some manner since I have no idea of what it does behind
the scenes."

You either trust Avira to keep you safe, or you don't.
(Personally, it's my favorite... especially for older slower

If you DO trust them, then don't worry about the key entry.

If you DON'T trust them, then remove AntiVir from you machine and
THEN delete the key if it doesn't disappear with AntiVir's

Offered with all intentions of good will to my fellow man.