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Hello manjo... I had some health problems (again)... but now it's OK :))

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>> OPENFIRE (for me anyway) is way too complicated to use. Either the
>> documentation or the interface needs to vastly improve for a lamer like
>> me to understand. I would think that a ROM update could change the way
>> PIX works, so that instead of turning a pixel on or off, you simply
>> place a value (0 - 15) at that location.
> Hello Mike,
> Well,
> about PIX it's not that easy since RPL (OS) is black and white and PIX
> does
> what it's supposed to do.
> To support hardware grayscale in to the ROM ... it would be... a huge job
> since most (if not all) GROBs built in ROM and pointers related to them
> would change
> (GROBS would be 2 or 4 times larger, and pointers would move)
> It is likely that we will see the higher screen resolution
> (or entirely new OS i would expect 264x160 for easiest old OS and software
> porting)
> much sooner than hardware grayscale supported by the ROM.
> Maybe it could, support gray scale in the future the way 49G has.
> But form what i gathered built in ROM functions for grayscale of 49G are
> not
> that much used so
> i'm not sure if it's worth the effort.
> Of course if OPENFIRE is too complicated there is always HPGCC
> (if you are familiar with C, not only grayscale but real ARM power is at
> your disposal :-)
> However (if you're more familiar with RPL and Saturn) i would like to
> encurage you to consider the following :
> OPENFIRE has '3 levels of use':
> Basic level (normal users)
> -run the games and software deveoped for openfire (excellent Lilian's
> conversions/portings)
> -use grayscale graphics viewer OFVIEW2 and OFVIEW4 to view your 2bit and
> 4bit grayscales
> For experienced userRPL, sysRPL and SaturnCPU programmers,
> (understanding of programming princpiles and GROB object is all that
> takes)
> 3 steps to develop grayscale software:
> 1. initialize (INITGS or INIT4)
> 2. use (GOR, GXOR, SUB,REPL, PIXON, POKE, PEEK... to manupulate the
> graphics)
> 3. close when done (DONEGS)
> (almost as if you'd write black/white software, when you played with it
> for
> a while you will see how easy it is)
> Finaly, a dedicated group of commands are ment for even more experienced
> game developers for porting 48 series grayscale games to 49G+ and 50G.
> Lilian was able to port some games even without the sources -he made
> necessary modifications direcly binary (hello Lilian !!! -long time no see
> :-)
> Those actualy emulate graphics hardware and grayscale the way it was done
> in
> the old days :-)
> so... take a choice, and good luck :-)
> I wouldn't rely on ROM changes regarding hardware grayscale.
> manjo

From: manjo on
> Hello manjo... I had some health problems (again)... but now it's OK :))

NICE <- like in Nice close to you :-)

Happy to hear from you my firend,
-good news too !

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